Small Business Promise


An immigrant mindset and a patriotic heart. Our owner is in ranks of the United States Army National Guard. In her words, she came here chasing the AmericanDream and now she lives to protect it. From there came our company name AmericanDream. The idea that you can achieve your version of success no matter your background, gender, the color of your skin, your sexuality and or your religion.

We want to create a community of leaders. The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. For this very reason, we do not follow industry guidelines or designs. We make our own. From Scratch. When you join our AmericanPlus Rewards program you join our team and we take care of our own. When you follow us on social media, we will connect and reach you in ways these clothing industry sharks could never. 

We keep our country's heroes in mind when we produce our products. The U.S military, law enforcement officers, firefighter and first responders. We are making durable and engineered for performance clothing to last in the worse conditions. Go ahead & put our products through hell we dare you! That's why we are "all condition clothing".  

Don't talk about it, be about it.


Started in March, 2020.