Inside AmericanDream:

We have a simple company philosophy:
“Lead The Way”

So, we don’t make products just to be slightly different than what is already on the market. Our products have to be MUCH better. Otherwise there is no point.
We only release products that we are proud of.

The culture at AmericanDream Athletics is defined by innovation. Our innovation is driven by pure passion for the products. Just like you, we share the anticipation for the next collection. We can't wait to wear these products out and stand out. If something doesn’t genuinely excite us, we don’t do it.
Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your life.

Even though we are fairly new in this industry know that every detail in our clothing has been accounted for. We will continue to build and innovate our designs and keep up with current trends to constantly provide products you want to wear, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy the newest version of each product. Everything we make is built to last so once you’ve bought a product, it will be your favorite for years and years.

Adding features to a garment can increase cost, so we believe that the value of the function must outweigh the added cost. If we can add one feature to a garment that provides two functions to the wearer then we’ve done our job. By following this equation, we are perfecting apparel. New products either have to save you time or money over your old products, or they aren’t worth the upgrade. Now you don’t have to choose between three different joggers depending on the activity of the day, you can just buy one jogger because it has the most durable construction and a multifunctional design.
Our business is built on mutual trust with our customers.

We are building a community. So prioritizing providing value that leads to a trusting relationship rather than a bunch of one-time purchases is our top priority. The intention is for our customers to become lifelong fans because they understand what we are about and once you’ve tried our products, the alternatives won’t even seem like an option.